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Based in the USA, EOX is a member-driven wholesale direct marketplace for:

  • individuals
  • aromatherapists
  • professionals...

... all of whom want 100% pure, high-quality, truly therapeutic-grade essential oils at co-op prices!

Everyone can shop at the EOX at our great regular prices, but what really makes us different is the deeply discounted, wholesale-direct prices and benefits for those that join EOX as Premium Members.

When you become a Premium Member of EOX, you will receive 50% off of every order you make with us! And better pricing isn’t the only benefit. >> Learn About Our Goals and Member Benefits!

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Essential Oils

The world of natural aromatics and perfumery is based on essential oils – the volatile compounds found within aromatic plants. Essential oils function as a type of immune system for plants. Humans can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of these plants simply through inhaling the scent of the oils – hence the term ‘aromatherapy’.

While the term ‘aromatherapy’ is relatively modern, botanical aromatics have been employed for thousands of years. Indeed, Emperors have launched wars across continents in the hopes of controlling the production and supply of valuable aromatics.

In a world filled with synthetics, truly artisanal aromatics are a rare find… so we invite you to step into a world where purity and nature are the spirit, and essential oils are the heart and soul…

The EOX offers the purest Therapeutic Grade essential oils and aromatics that are not diluted or adulterated. Read our article on Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for more on what this means.

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