Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot seed oil has many aromatherapy applications, and topically for esthetic treatments. It is used in dilution to revitalize skin suffering from a lack of tone and is used in all quality facial treatments. A few drops can be used in convalescence to stimulate and tone the liver to assist its regeneration. Carrot seed oil is generally non-sensitizing, but should be used in a carrier oil for topical treatments.

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Carrot Seed Essential Oil Profile

Botanical: Daucus carota | Origin: France | Method: Steam Distilled


A yellow or amber-colored liquid with a warm, dry, woody-earthy odor. It blends well with labdanum, cinnamon, mimosa, cedarwood, geranium, citrus and spice oils.

Principal Constituents:

These are naturally occurring in the essential oil.

  • pinene

  • carotol

  • daucol

  • limonene

  • bisabolene

  • elemene

  • geraniol

  • geranyl acetate

  • caryophyllene 


Non-toxic, non-irritant, nonsensitizing. 

Important Note: The information on is only provided for educational purposes, and further research should be done on each essential oil to be assured of its proper usage for each individual. Aromatherapy is not meant to be a replacement for care under a qualified health professional, but should be considered a complimentary modality.
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1. on 12/16/2015, said:
Carrot seed EO is wonderful for skin on the face. BE WARNED before you buy it - it smells like straght up dirty carrots (it's supposed to!). The smell can be quite off putting, I personallt have to blend it with other, more fragrant, oils and carriers in order to be able to use it without smelling like a carrot!
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