Founder’s Vision

I’m Keith Cleversley and this is one of my projects I'm extraordinarily passionate about.  I've been involved in the sale and marketing of essential oils since 1993. In that time, I’ve given a considerable amount of thought about how to do things holistically. Participating in one of the most efficiently run food co-ops in the US in the 1990's (alongside my recording career); I felt it was a beautiful model for how to do things right, which gave me a lot of inspiration. That co-op has 17,000 members in a local area that come together to save money on food and it’s not very reasonable to think that the same would happen in a local market, even if it is Chicago or New York. But, in the country, and around the world, I believe there are enough essential oil people where we can create something equally amazing with a shared vision.

So, here it is: The Essential Oil Exchange! A member-driven wholesale direct marketplace for individuals, crafters, and small businesses that want 100% pure, high-quality, truly therapeutic-grade essential oils at co-op prices!

Anyone can shop retail at the EOX, but what really makes us different is the deeply discounted, wholesale-direct prices and benefits for those that join the exchange as Members. Sure, many people will just take the lower retail prices that the exchange can offer and that’s okay… it’s part of the vision. But, I do think there are enough people out there who are dedicated to using essential oils, whether for personal use or business, that will want to be a part of something unique that can be greater than the status quo.

I feel that essential oils still have a lot more to contribute to the health and wellness of the world. My vision is to create a system that supports quality producers while delivering the highest quality materials at ever-improving prices due to greater purchasing reach and simple, streamlined operations.

I cannot imagine living in a world without essential oils: They are among Nature’s most amazing gifts. Help me get the word out so the oils can help shift the world back into balance!