Privacy Policy

1. No Returns on Larger Size Items In order to keep prices as low as possible for all EOX Members, there are no returns on essential oils, unless of course the shipment is damaged by the courier. This exchange is created specifically for those who know and use essential oils, and know the quality of our materials. If there is any uncertainty you should order samples first. The EOX offers sample sizes (2.25 ml) of each oil for retail customers and wholesale members at a nominal charge that covers materials and handling costs. This gives all parties assurance that the oil meets your needs before investing in a larger quantity. Sample sizes are non-returnable. This keeps the EOX operating efficiently, eliminates the waste of returned materials (because they cannot be ethically resold without the expense of re-testing, which would result in materials being discarded because testing small amounts is cost prohibitive if even possible), and thereby facilitates keeping the prices under better control for everyone. Member Note: The Member prices are 50% less than the published retail prices for all items including the 2.25 ml sample sizes, so there is no profit for the EOX for these at wholesale. Doing it this way keeps the sampling costs from getting out of control and forcing the prices of all products higher to absorb the costs (which is contrary to our organizational purpose).
2. Courier Damage
This is highly unlikely because we pack orders very well, with extra attention to detail so as to avoid any inconvenience for customers and ourselves. However, it can upon rare occasion happen. In the event that a courier (USPS or FedEx) attempts to deliver a damaged package, it should be refused for delivery, whereupon it will be returned to us and your order will be reshipped upon our receipt. Notify us by email immediately if this occurs. If a damaged package is left by a courier, notify the EOX by email immediately and we will have an inspector dispatched to pick up the package, file the appropriate claims, and reship your order as quickly as possible.
Premium Membership Cancellation

If you decide that being a Premium Member of the EOX is not for you, then you may cancel your Membership Upgrade at any time through your EOX Account. Log In and click "View Order/Billing History," then press STOP FUTURE BILLING to cancel your membership. You will have access to member pricing until the end of your current billing cycle. You are free to upgrade again in the future as a previous Member in good standing; however, you will no longer keep your grandfathered status and you will have to pay the current membership price, which will be higher in the future. There are no refunds for Membership fees, as they are dues that extend benefits on a monthly billing cycle, whether or not product purchases are made during that time interval. Good Faith Policy Violations: Membership fees are meant to stabilize the EOX and make sure we are here to service you with excellent product at continually improving prices. Account upgrades and cancellations are monitored for abuse of good faith, and any account that does so will be blocked from future purchases. An example of this would be someone who joins for $10 per month, places a large order, then cancels the $10 per month Member renewal, then several months later rejoins and does the same thing. The EOX cannot function as a healthy entity this way, and while we know that the majority of our Members are good honest people who understand and share in the spirit of the EOX, there will always be a few who will try to abuse things. This is unfortunate, but it is why we must have strict enforcement of these policies. We are laid-back internet people… we don’t like to have to be grumpy. So, let’s all be honest and have a good time!