Rose Absolute

Rose Absolute

True Bulgarian rose (Rosa damascena) absolute, the finest in the world.
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Rose Absolute Profile

Botanical: Rosa damascena | Origin: Bulgaria | Method: Solvent Extracted 
Color: Light-medium yellow
Consistency: Medium-thick
Perfumery note: Middle/base
Related Planets/Deities: Venus/Isis/The Virgin Mary
Aroma: Floral, rich, rounded, slightly sweet
Energetic Properties: Feminine, lush, mysterious
Aromatherapy Properties: Rose absolute oil is a reddish orange to olive-colored viscous liquid with a rich, floral, slightly spicy aroma. Rose oil is versatile and blends pleasingly with most other oils. It blends particularly well with other floral oils such as geranium, lavender, and ylang ylang, and rich oils such as clove, sandalwood, and vetiver. Rose absolute makes a wonderful addition to any bath or massage oil.

Spiritual Uses: Rose absolute is a natural fit for any kind of love magick or meditation because it is associated with love perhaps more than any other scent. It is also a good choice for those seeking wisdom from female deities, or those working with feminine energy.

Blends well with: Geranium, Clove, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Vetiver.

History: One of the most beloved plants in the world, roses have been cultivated since at least 500 BCE in the Mediterranean, Persia, and China. In Egypt, rose oil was used in perfume cones which were worn on the head and allowed to melt, drenching the wearer in the fragrant essence of roses. The flower was a sacred symbol of a number of gods and goddesses of the Mediterranean world, including Aphrodite and Isis. Roses were also revered in the Islamic world, especially by the Sufi mystics. In Medieval Christianity, the petals of the Rose were identified with the five wounds of Christ. Roses came to symbolize both the Virgin Mary and Christian martyrs. Today, the Rose is the national flower of England and in 1986 was named the floral emblem of the United States.

Important Note: The information on is only provided for educational purposes, and further research should be done on each essential oil to be assured of its proper usage for each individual. Aromatherapy is not meant to be a replacement for care under a qualified health professional, but should be considered a complimentary modality.
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