Dream Time Blend

Dream Time Blend (15ml)


This blend stimulates Theta waves in the brain that may help to increase dream recall.  This blend, although allowing for a sleep state designed for dreaming, is not a deep sleep blend like our "DELTA SLEEP" blend. The goal of this blend is increased dream states, which require one half of the mind to be awake, while the other remains in deep sleep.
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Dream Time Blend Essential Oil Profile

- Sandalwood: An ancient scent and medicine used in meditation by numerous spiritual traditions throughout the world, including Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.  Stimulating to the pineal gland where our internal visualization centers reside.  There's a reason why this coveted tree is so sought after and is currently endangered.

- Lavender: Lavender is one of those staples for any blend that involves relaxation, whether it's an anti-anxiety blend, something to help melt away stress, or to promote general well being and restful sleep.  Lavender is a great example of an anxiolytic herb; it can calm without making one drowsy, which is why it's so often seen in bath salts, massage oils, and oil blends.  When mixed with Copaiba, we have noticed an increased effectiveness in the energy levels, making Lavender a relaxer that leaves the mind alert.

- Bergamot: This is another oil that has a long history of being both calming and rejuvenating at the same time.  This oil is very specific in its application, and "Dream Time" is one of the perfect applications.  Also, look for it in our "Cognition Blend", which relaxes the user enough to open the mind to larger amounts of information.  Citrus is usually reserved for energetic blends, but dreaming requires half the brain to be in a semi-aware state called "Theta State", and the other half to be in deep sleep called "Delta State".  In a 1995 Mie University Study, it was discovered that doses of anti-depressive medications were markedly reduced when citrus fragrance was introduced to patients.  This proved to be an extremely effective dream enhancer as well.

- Juniper Berry: This has a long tradition in folk medicine for promoting peaceful and loving feelings.  We found that in just the right amounts, this scent is a perfect complement to vivid dreams and an useful aid in dream recall.

- Copaiba Balsam: This ancient resin has newly discovered properties and is featured in a number of topical blends used to calm tattered nerves.  It has been known to elevate the mood and to help lift mild depression, but has the added benefit of intensifying the energy and effectiveness of any oils it's blended with.

USAGE: When diffusing, dilute this blend in our "Dilution Blend" or a carrier oil of your choice; 1 part oil to 4 parts Dilution Blend.  Also can be used 1-3 times daily to  keep the desire to dream at the forefront of one's consciousness.  Also a potent aid when directly inhaled for up to a minute, or when 4-6 drops are added to a warm bath.

BLENDING NOTES: Sandalwood should only be blended with Almond Oil.

ON DREAMING: If unpleasant dreams are experienced, this is your mind alerting to unresolved issues.  Lucid dreaming manuals have advocated keeping a Dream Journal in this case to help resolve whatever those issues might be.  Carl Jung was revered for his work with dream states as a powerful mental health aid for patients throughout the world.  Dreams are often discarded as nonsensical, but they can often be our subconscious reaching out to us with a message.
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