Delta Sleep Blend

Delta Sleep Blend (15ml)

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This blend is specifically to help you sleep like a log!  Expertly blended by a certified aromatherapist, this blend reaches beyond the calming effects of Lavender and Chamomile (clinically-proven relaxers), and helps to induce deep, restful sleep for increased happiness and energy throughout the day.
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Delta Sleep Blend Essential Oil Profile

- Lavender: This is known the world over as one of the most effective herbs in helping to soothe, calm, and relax even the most stressed out of people.

- Roman Chamomile: Is renown for it's powerful ability to dissipate feelings of restlessness, especially when it comes to difficulty in sleeping.

- Ylang Ylang lll: Often found in sleeping blends and with good reason.  Equally effective for both males and females, Ylang Ylang has a balancing effect, bringing a sense of calm to a chaotic mind.

- Cedarwood: As the name implies, Cedarwood is an effective grounding scent, which can help set the stage for a calm and restful sleep.

- Nutmeg: Has been shown to help production of Melatonin; a natural sleeping hormone that gets released as we lie down.

USAGE: When diffusing, dilute this blend in our "Dilution Blend" or a carrier oil of your choice; 1 part oil to 4 parts Dilution Blend.  Not for use during the day, and up to an hour before bedtime.  Also a potent aid when directly inhaled for up to a minute, or when 4-6 drops are added to a warm bath.  To increase effectiveness, a relaxing tea blend that contains Valerian Root, Lavender, or Chamomile is highly recommended.
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