Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sometimes referred to in scriptures as 'Aloeswood' - it is one of the oldest and most revered essential oils known to man. This true Indian sandalwood oil has been used for centuries to facilitate deep contemplation, meditation and for increasing higher awareness.

In aromatherapy it has many applications, including use for clearing acne and skin complaints, and for infections of the urinary tract.

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Sandalwood Essential Oil Profile

Botanical: Santalum album | Origin: India | Method: Steam Distilled 


Sandalwood essential oil is a colorless to pale yellow with a soft, warm, woody character to its aroma. 

Principal Constituents:

These are naturally occurring in the essential oil. 

  • a santalol

  • b santalol

  • sesquiterpenic alcohols


Relatively non-toxic, non-irritant, with possible sensitization in some individuals. Avoid during pregnancy. 

Important Note: The information on is only provided for educational purposes, and further research should be done on each essential oil to be assured of its proper usage for each individual. Aromatherapy is not meant to be a replacement for care under a qualified health professional, but should be considered a complimentary modality.
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