Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood Essential Oil

Used as a stress reliever and for its tonic benefits for the central nervous system. Blends well with lavender due to similar compounds in its chemistry. Can be used as an effective acne spot treatment.

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Rosewood Essential Oil Profile

Botanical: Aniba roseaodora | Origin: Brazil | Method: Steam Distilled


A colorless or pale yellow liquid with a very sweet, woody-floral scent and a spicy hint. It blends well with most oils, especially citrus, woods and florals. As a toner in scent blending, it helps give body and rounds off sharp edges.

Principal Constituents:

These are naturally occurring in the essential oil.

  • linalol

  • cineol

  • terpineol

  • geraniol

  • citronellol

  • limonene

  • pinene


Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing.  

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